735HP 2JZ Lexus SE430 – Street Hits and Dyno

May 6th, 2019

So, one beautiful summer evening you are out trolling the streets (of Mexico) when you come across a Lexus coupe. The driver is giving you the stink eye. You know the one – like he wants to take your cookies. You tell yourself that he wants none, but realize that his little Lexus started life with a V8.

The two of you roll onto the freeway for some racing. He pulls alongside and gives you the signal. Before you know it, he’s blown by and all you can see are taillights. Thing is, the car looked stock and you never even heard the exhaust as he left you in the dust.

Fear the sleeper.

This one is an average looking 2002 Lexus SE430 (drop top). The (4.3-liter) V8 engine was taken out and replaced with a totally stock (inline 6-cylinder) 2JZ GT VVT-i. A single Precision 6466 turbocharger and an AEM Infinity controller (tuned by Lance) were added. It now has a manual (r54) transmission with a (ORC) triple-disc racing clutch. Go-go juice is plentifully delivered utilizing dual Walbro 525 Hellcat fuel pumps with Fuel Injector Connection 1,700cc fuel injectors, and an Aeromotive fuel regulator. Custom driveshaft is by the Driveshaft Shop.

The is a complete, luxury coupe. It has plush leather seating, full audio, and cold air conditioning. It is capable of producing 735hp. If you think you are looking for him – he might just be looking for you. Fear the sleeper.

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