71-Year Old Takes Title at Texas Invitational

October 26th, 2016

71-year-old-takes-title-at-texas-invitationalThey say that racing is a young man’s game and I must say that it has proven true over time. Nevertheless, “they” have never met King of the Streets veteran, 71-year old Bob Helms.

You see, the thing is that nobody ever told Bob that he needed to move over for a younger butt to occupy the seat of his Underground Racing (UR) built Lamborghini and (I gotta’ believe) that if “they” did, Bob would tell them where to go.

Bob has been racing King of the Streets events since 2011, without a win, so I absolutely love the fact that his tenacity finally paid off. He didn’t let a worn out engine put him in the pits, nor did he let not getting the exact engine that he wanted relegate his crew to the sidelines. When Bob didn’t get that mythical billet aluminum Lamborghini engine block (over which everyone has been swooning), he put on his big-boy pants, went and got himself a stock Lamborghini block and let UR (X-Package) work their magic anyhow.

All Bob did, at 71-years young, was to bust the track record at Texas Speed Syndicate’s Texas Invitational and win the overall title as the King of the Streets at 215 mph!

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