700HP AWD Civic Taking It to the Streets

July 22nd, 2015

700HP AWD Civic Taking It to the StreetsCheck out this clip! If you really want to get the jump on the competition, try switching to all-wheel drive. This innovative cat salvaged the traction-happy components from an earlier model Honda vehicle, and then did whatever was necessary to deliver 700hp and 583-lb.-ft. of torque to the four corners. He certainly gets out of the “roll” quicker than the 1,000hp Mustang Fox but can’t hold the Ford off at the midway point.

Here is a bit of the Civic setup: Begin with a stock block 1.6-liter Honda V-TEC engine with forged rods and internals, add a Precision 6262 Turbocharger (26-pounds of boost), then a CR-V transmission, with a rear differential and drive shaft from a Honda Wagovan – not to mention various Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Nissan parts.

NOTE: We neither condone nor endorse racing on public streets.

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