7-Second Turbo Honda

May 17th, 2017

Howdy drag racing fans and welcome to the Jamboree Event at Sydney Dragway in Sydney, Australia.

This clip features the baddest Honda that you will ever lay your eyes on! It is no NSX, it’s not a Civic, it ain’t even an S2000. It is a 1965 Honda S300 and it is competing in the Modified 10.5 Class.

My first impression of this road-rocket is that it looks amazing. It has a slick paint job with an assortment of well-intentioned graphics and absolutely every tid-bit that is not painted is either chromed and/or polished. The wheelbase is only 63-inches so, between the big drag slicks and the giant turbocharger poking through the hood, this thing looks wild.

On the business end of this blue bullet is a stock 3.2-liter Toyota 2JZ (inline 6-cylinder) engine that has been chromed and polished within an inch of its life. Sitting atop the Toyota mill is a massive 88-millimeter billet turbocharger that has also been treated to many hours of polishing. The combination has rendered an estimated 1,200hp.

You are going to love this car and the father/son crew. Let’s face it – you just aren’t going to see too many 7-second Hondas flying by at 190 mph in the quarter-mile.

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