7-Second TT Chevy Nova II

June 10th, 2020

Seldom have I seen a more pristine build than this (Jeep) green 1966 Chevy II Nova. Absolutely every foot of this extreme muscle car looks as though you could eat off it. One might make the mistake of thinking this is a new build. Nope. Just meticulously maintained and skillfully prepared. Have a gander for yourself. Try not to drool.

At a gross vehicle weight of more than 3,800-pounds (with the driver onboard), this slick street racer is all steel (except the hood and doors) with factory glass. Under the hood is a 540 cubic-inch Rudd Racing engine with a pair of 88-millimeter (Borg Warner) turbochargers. The car has posted a 4.69-second eighth mile @ 162 mph and a quarter mile elapsed time of 7.26-seconds @ 176 mph. Today, the guys just plan to post a 6-second quarter mile – that’s all.

In the first race (qualifier), the Chevy takes on a Fox Body Mustang. The Ford comes out of the hole strong, but the Nova spools up and drives around him in the trap to claim the victory (7.85-seconds @ 192.2 mph).

Race number two pits the Chevy II against a drop top pony car. This time the Nova spins less and takes the win with a 7.64 @ 194.76. Getting there.

Race three is the Nova versus the blue Fox Body again. This time the Ford gets down the track straight and beats the Chevy; ending his day and putting him back on the trailer. Oh well, better luck next time.

Great car.

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