7-Second Patriot Camaro – LS Fest West Domination

June 7th, 2019

Howdy race fans and welcome to the Holley LS Fest West from Sin City – Las Vegas, NV. The focal point of this clip is a late model Camaro (body) campaigned by the skilled experts at Texas Speed and Performance.

TSP has built a car that comes out of the hole like a bullet. It devours the 1320 like an asphalt carnivore and goes straight as an arrow. Consistent 7-second passes are expected when you see this late model Camaro. The patriotic wrap on this Chevy is great. It is a steel Camaro body on a race car chassis.

At the heart of this agile beast is a TSP re-sleeved 5.3-liter engine block – milled out to a 7.0-liter monster – with twin 76-millimeter turbochargers. It is running a Powerglide transmission and has posted a best elapsed time of 7.7-seconds @ 186 mph. Dyno testing confirms 1250whp at 21 psi of boost.

There is some very loud, heads up quarter-mile drag racing on this video. Check it out.

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