7-Second FWD Turbo Civic

November 16th, 2017

It is hard enough to get a quarter-mile drag car into the sevens when you have an unlimited budget and all the cubic inches that will fit under the hood. Getting (consistently) into the sevens with a limited budget and using a four-cylinder, front-wheel drive platform is simply outstanding.

Kudos to Ramey Racing (and friends), who transformed this seriously unimpressive sport coupe into the track taming hurricane that you see in this video. On this day, they earned the honor of preparing the first vehicle in the Sports Front-Wheel Drive Class to post a 7-second elapsed time in the quarter-mile (7.95-seconds @ 189 mph).

The chassis was built by NRG Tech and features a full carbon-fiber aerodynamic kit.

Power is supplied by a 2.0-liter B-Series (Honda) engine (bored .084 over) with LA SLEEVE cylinder sleeving, Diamond pistons, and GRP connecting rods (among the many high-performance goodies). Output is estimated at 1,400hp.

Running at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals, this four-banger really held its own.

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