7-Second Camaro Z28 – Crushes Stick Shift Record

October 24th, 2019

Welcome drag racing fans to Bradenton, Florida for FL2K19. This clip introduces us to the Grubb Worm from Tick Performance. The Worm is a Camaro Z28 with an LT1 Chevy engine. This 7-second bomb resets the World Record for a stick shift (T56) GM car no less than three times during this weekend of racing in the Sunshine State. Come on – let’s take a look.

The Grubb Worm is powered by a 5.7-liter LT1 that has been turbocharged. The transmission is a T56 manual gearbox and the clutch has been custom tuned (see the video) by an expert with a “special” tool. The rear end has a sheet metal housing which helps in weight reduction. You are about to see that this Camaro is really quick.

The video begins with the Grubb Worm posting a pass of 7.73-seconds @ 186.37 mph. That breaks the previous record (for a GM car with a T56 trans) by nearly a tenth of a second. Bad news is that the clutch starts slipping.

Prior to the second record-setting performance, the driver’s dad admits to “taking the clutch out and scratching on it a little bit” with a rock. This man is unapologetically from Andy Griffith country. Love that thick southern drawl but can this unorthodox clutch treatment give Grubb Worm the edge it needs to reset the WR a second time? Oh, yeah. How’s a 7.61 @ 187.9 and another World Record.

Before the weekend was finished, the Tick Performance team had reset the record twice more with quarter mile passes of 7.59-seconds @ 187 mph and 7.54-seconds @ 190.9 mph.

Great car and a great team.

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