7-Second Baltic Toyota Supra

June 28th, 2019

The legendary Baltic Supra; this car is the unicorn of the Toyota enthusiast’s world. Along with factory twin turbos, it embodies every quality they respect in this beloved model. Featured in this video is a pristine example of the Baltic Supra. It is being billed as the fastest version that has maintained its factory running gear. Take a look.

Owner, Pedro has been 8-years shaving seconds, and fractions of a second, from his elapsed time and causing trap speeds to torpedo upward in this car. He began with a few bolt-ons and a 13-second quarter-mile pass. Today, the car runs consistent 7-second quarter-mile passes and Pedro is smiling all the way to the finish line.

Under the hood is a 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine, built by Real Street Performance. Inside are CP Pistons, aluminum connecting rods and Real Street Billet main caps. The cylinder head is Porting Solutions with Ferrea valvetrain and GSC S2 Billet camshafts (PHR cam gears). The turbos are Precision 8385 and they are feeding PHR S45 Billet collectors. An ETS 5-inch intercooler ensures that there is an abundance of cool, dense air and an AEM V2 controller (tuned by Lance) keep the ducks in a row. All this makes the Baltic Supra capable of producing over 1,350whp. It uses a factory stock Toyota automatic transmission.

Climb in, buckle up and hold on!

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