60 MPH Roll Hits – Multi Angle Go Pro

September 20th, 2018

It’s a brand-new day racing fans and time to hit the interstate for some roll racing south of the border. Today, the action is of the roll race variety with a pack of rabid Corvettes on-hand. A few elite level Mustangs have also made the scene. Nevertheless, the real star of this clip is the camera and production work. Multiple camera angles, with an extreme level of clarity and precision, combine with premium video production to make this video a winner.

The first contest of the evening involves a pair of ‘Vettes. The Walker Z makes 640hp using a small block Chevy LS7 (7.0-liter) engine with Late Model Engine (LME) cylinder heads. An RPM Motorsports thumpstick and a Holley Hi Ram intake manifold round out the package. He’s rolling on the Lethal Z. Lethal also has an LS7 but with ported factory cylinder heads on it. Add an MSD intake manifold and a camshaft upgrade and he is making 611hp.

These two Chevys line up and throw-down. There are multiple passes with some incredible camera angles and don’t forget the split screen – amazing! Honestly, these two cars are so evenly matched that only their hairdresser knows for sure who was fastest on this night.

Next, we got a Fox Body Mustang with a 5.8-liter engine (built) with a set of Trick Flow cylinder heads and an ON3 76-millimeter turbo (10 psi). In the near lane, there’s a 700hp Ford Mustang GT500 with a stock engine and blower, full bolt-ons, camshafts upgraded, and tuned by HTek Performance. In multiple passes, GT500 is a bit much for the Fox Body.

Finally, there’s a 900hp Camaro with an LS3 (418 cubic-inch) small block engine and an F18-94 ProCharger. The transmission is a manual. He’s rolling out against the 800hp Kochina Mustang. Under the hood is a stock motor with a Precision 8685 turbo and a Blacksmith Fab single turbo kit. This is also a manually shifted car with a Tremec T56 gearbox. Camaro is as advertised; the baddest ride in this video.

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