6-Second Toyota Corolla Goes Haywire

September 29th, 2017

Buckle up racing fans and get ready for a wild ride! It doesn’t get much wilder than (low) 6-second elapsed times (quarter-mile) at 230+ MPH – unless you are doing it in a tiny Toyota Corolla (3/4 chassis modified) with an inline 6-cylinder engine.

The power plant is a single turbocharged (bigger than an 88-millimeter) 2JZ Toyota unit. This crew managed to produce pretty consistent low 6-second (6.04 @ 236.88 mph) elapsed times that had everybody wondering if they would dip into the fives. I think it is going to happen soon.

While some Toyota purists consider the AE86 Trueno a performance model (of sorts), I certainly can’t see anyone relating a Corolla to this kind of raw power. Nevertheless, everyone in the crowd fell in love with this fast moving import and its hard working crew. The competition didn’t like it nearly as much.

You gotta see (and hear) this unique import fly through the quarter-mile.

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