4800HP Camaro Goes Small Tire

November 26th, 2019

Bill Lutz and the crew from CIA Performance built a Camaro which is the focal point of this video. Bill has drag raced about every way possible; quarter-mile, eighth-mile, No Prep, Outlaw, Street, not to mention big tire and small tire. He has campaigned this Camaro for more than 15-years and has been very successful. Let’s drop in for a look.

Making this rocket fly is a 477 cubic-inch Miner Brothers Racing engine with a pair of 98-millimeter Bullseye turbochargers. A Haltech unit is being used as a stand-alone controller and each cylinder is outfitted with dual Atomizer 800-pound fuel injectors. It has an RPM 3-speed transmission. The classic Camaro body is on a professionally built chassis that sets the cockpit back approximately a foot from the factory position. Today, this monster is running in the Small Tire Class. Poor little tires.

Despite the power being turned way down (due to the small tires and all), Bill and the gang will try their dead-level best to put this car into the fives today – yes, I said fives!

He comes off the trailer and runs a pass of 6.17-seconds @ 240 mph. Not a bad start.

After the warm up, he swaps lanes and runs a 6.00-second pass @ 242 mph. That’s about as close to a five as one can get. Question is; will Bill be able to break that mythical line and enter the land of fives? Watch the video to find out.

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