463WHP All Motor Fox Body Mustang – Dyno and Street

January 28th, 2021

What red-blooded gearhead doesn’t relish the thought of upgrading a classic or vintage vehicle with a potent late model powertrain? It’s even better when all the components remain true to the manufacturer and model line. That’s just what 1992 Ford Mustang owner Mac Guido has accomplished with his stunning Fox Body project. Better yet – Mac did all the work himself. Have a gander for yourself.

Certainly not a Mustang purist, Mac previously had a Toyota 2JZ setup in this blue beauty. After he was bitten by the V8 bug, Mac decided to go with a naturally aspirated Gen III Coyote engine (5.0-liter) mated to a 10-speed (10R80) automatic transmission. With every bolt torqued and every panel polished, Mac dropped off his creation at Palm Beach Dyno to see exactly what it could produce.

With the shiny Ford strapped to the dyno like Gulliver, the testing began. After several passes, maximum output was certified at 463whp and 419 lb.-ft. of torque. The guys knew that a brief cool down would yield a “glory pass” with an even bigger number. Sure enough, the final pass delivered 466whp and 422 lb.-ft. of torque. Not too terrible for an old Mustang with a “stock” motor.

Time to see what she can do on the street.

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