3500HP Lambo Totes the Front – TX2K19

March 28th, 2019

Of course, Underground Racing showed up at TX2K19 with a herd of impressive machines in tow. They brought along an Audi R8 that has posted a top speed (in this event) of 225 mph. It is being heralded as the fastest R8 ever to grace the course. Then there is the Drag965 Lambo. This Italian steed has made a roll racing pass with a trap speed of 228 mph.

Coy Christmas was on hand with both his UR prepared cars. The first is a Darth Vader wrapped rocket featuring a Stage 3 Kit. This Huracan is purpose-built for roll racing and looks amazing in the Dark Knight wrap. The second Christmas steed is fairly new but headed for great things. Coy won his Class.

Anything is possible when you see these UR cars. There are fifteen UR clients in the competition; mods range from Stage 3 Kits to the vaunted X Kits – from 1,250hp to 3,500hp. Speaking of 3500hp, get ready for a Huracan that is currently running 7-second quarter-mile passes at 190 mph.

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