3500HP Eighth-Mile Monster Vette

March 1st, 2016

Andrew Alepa 3500hp VetteThis may be one of the baddest looking cars ever to scarf up the pavement. It’s a 2014 (C7) Chevrolet Corvette owned by Andrew Alepa and piloted by Rob Valden. With plenty of help from Rick Steven’s Race Cars, Pro Line, and RK Racecraft, the team showed up at this Duck X lights Out 7 event (South Georgia Motorsports Park) in search of a $50,000 payday.

Duck X’s Lights Out 7This behemoth has the best of everything it takes to make it go really fast. It is powered by a Pro Line built Outlaw 548 cubic-inch HEMI with a Fuel Tech FT500 fuel injection setup and it has a pair of 102-millimeter Precision ball bearing turbos cramming enough air down the intake to create a stage 4 hurricane. The combination was good for about 3,500hp and a 4.05 ET @ 199 mph in the 1/8-mile (radial tire class). Not too shabby for a maiden voyage.

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