3000HP Alpha Queen – 7-Second 200 MPH Quarter-Mile

March 14th, 2019

The Nissan GT-R World Cup. This is the premiere event for the entry-level sports car affectionately known as Godzilla. On this drag strip – today – some of the most capable Japanese high-performance machines in the world will put it all on the line for cash and bragging rights. Hold on to your hats for this one!

AMS (Automotorsports, Inc.) is out in force with some of their baddest builds, but a particular entry catches my eye. It is copper/chrome and when it accelerates; well, it sounds like the world will end. This thing is amazing. It is capable of producing in excess of 3,000hp and it is about to post a 7.09-second quarter-mile at 202 mph. The Alpha 22 is here and running low 7s. The CMC car is on hand and Wally (in his GT-R) set the World Record for a 58mm turbo. Got all the makings of a great event for AMS.

With nothing except GT-R on GT-R crime in store for the weekend, you can expect tons of closely fought heads-up racing action. Take a look.

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