259 MPH Lamborghini – World’s Fastest Half-Mile

June 21st, 2018

Time to go underground – Underground Racing (UR), that is! When it comes to half-mile racing for top speed, nobody does it better than UR.

The venue is the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack presented by SHIFTS3CTOR and the scenery is simply amazing. The twin turbo Lamborghini Huracan is owned by Drag965 (Kuwait) and campaigned by UR.

The Drag965 Lambo comes off the trailer strong with an introductory pass of 244 mph. Other competitors are lamenting the lack of traction at maximum speed and UR is no exception. As the crew tunes and tweaks the Italian masterpiece, top speeds continue to rise. In an ironic twist, an afternoon run nets the yellow Huracan a record duplicating top speed pass of 256.99 mph. At this point everyone is skeptical of a record being broken on this day.

In a final pass, with a noticeable tailwind, the Drag965 Lamborghini Huracan puts the pedal to the metal and bravely goes where no man has gone before. The old record falls and a new World Record of 259.67 mph is set for the half-mile. Congratulations Drag965 and Underground Racing!

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