230 MPH Lamborghini vs. 1650whp Ford GT

September 28th, 2018

Greetings fellow racing aficionados to the standing half-mile event known as WannaGoFast Dallas. This contest of speed encompasses vehicles from 300hp to 3,000hp and allows them to compete in highway-style racing that has proven very competitive and entertaining.

Today’s video documents the wide array of vehicles on hand at WannaGoFast down in Dallas, Texas. Featured is a 1,650whp Ford GT with twin turbochargers and nitrous. There’s also a 230 mph Huracan, a gaggle of other 200 mph cars, and an exploding Cadillac. Elvis is on hand in his twin turbo Corvette and a there is a 2,800hp Dodge Viper. With a strong tailwind, this is shaping up to look like an extraordinary day of racing.

The Ford GT 2.4K is under new management with a different owner behind the wheel. Despite attempts to hit the magical 200 mph mark, the new owner plans to avoid using nitrous. He believes the engine and other related components will last a bit longer without it. He’s probably right.

Fresh off the trailer, the GT 2.4K (because of the 24-karat gold accents under the hood) posts a 177.44 mph pass. On pass number two, the Ford hits the magic number with a 201.97 mph top speed. Congratulations guys!

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