2200HP Classic Chevy – Stock I6 With Turbo

September 26th, 2019

Produced from 1970 until 1992, the Chevrolet Opala was derivative of a Chevy chassis and an Opel body. The drivetrain was all GM, as well. Never heard of it? That’s because the Opala was built and sold in Brazil. That’s where the drag racing action on this video is documented.

The Opala with no paint is particularly impressive. Competing in the TTA Class, it must use the stock (numbers matching) engine block and cylinder heads. That translates into an inline 6-cylinder from 1971. In stock trim, the 4.1-liter power plant was only capable of churning out about 170hp. Today, this beast can make upwards of 2,200hp!

The rules say “factory block and cylinder heads” – they make no stipulations about what’s inside. This Opala engine has a set of upgraded pistons and connecting rods. It also has a billet crankshaft and an upgraded valve train. The head and intake are ported and polished. It uses a Garrett GTX 45 (98-millimeter) turbocharger. The engine runs on a combination of nitro methane (10%) and alcohol. A Fuel Tech controller keeps everything bouncing in the proper direction. Shifting is done manually and the transmission is a G-Force 4-speed with a triple-disc clutch. Best quarter-mile elapsed time? 7.045-seconds – in this clip!

Check it out.

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