2100HP Twin Turbo Audi R8

October 9th, 2015

2100HP Twin Turbo Audi R8This video depicts what is being touted as the world’s fastest Audi. It is an R8 that is stock in appearance. It has all of the amenities of a luxurious street car; air conditioning, power windows, satellite radio, even heated leather power seats. This is a fantastic looking car that manages to claim the title “King of the Streets” at the 2015 Texas Invitational Fall Airstrip Attack – now, that ain’t no easy task.

This car gets by with the Underground Racing X Package, a pair of Precision 76-millimeter turbochargers, and it’s riding on Toyo R888 street tires. The little Audi takes on some elite-level competition and makes it to the finals of the street car class where he must go head-to-head with a 2,200hp Nissan GT-R. After multiple runs of 203 to 206 mph, the R8 blasts down the one-mile track with a event topping speed of 213 mph. He eases past the GT-R to gain a victory by a narrow margin.

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