2020 Toyota Supra – 9-Second Street Car

July 23rd, 2020

Say what you will about the latest Toyota Supra – is it a Toyota? Is it a BMW? Etc. – This guy has taken one and built a quick street car using only bolt-on mods.

So, when Real Street Performance says this MKV Supra is a 9-second car they ain’t just talking smack. They have documented video evidence that the car, with only bolt-ons, has posted a quarter mile elapsed time of 9.82-seconds @ 141 mph.

How far does $5000 in bolt-on performance mods (and tuning) take you on a 2020 Supra? Let’s have a look. It all began with an ECU upgrade. The EcuTek unit is tuned by PhatBotti. The mighty Supra also has been upgraded with a Pure 800 Turbo kit, a Forge Motorsports charge pipe and an HKS cat-back exhaust system. An AEM Methanol injection system keeps things cool and a Nitrous Express single fogger wipes out turbo lag. It’s running VP MS109 racing fuel.

A set of BC Racing coilover shocks and BC RZ05 racing wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson drag radials help launch the Toyota and keep things rolling smoothly through the trap.

There are track pulls and dyno pulls before Jay Meagher (Real Street Performance) hits the streets and shows us some comparisons of the Supra in various stages of modification. Great video!

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