Ford GT vs McLaren MP4-12C

April 22nd, 2014

We’ve got some GoPro video of a 2005 Ford GT taking on a McLaren MP4-12C.  The old school all manual Ford GT is powered by a 5.4L Supercharged V8 and is modified with a pulley swap, tune and exhaust from Heffner Performance putting down 651 HP to the wheels on a DynoJet Dyno.   The McLaren MP4-12C is all stock with it’s 3.8L Twin Turbocharged V8 with 616 HP and a 7 speed dual clutch transmission. McLaren MP4-12 Performance: 10.2 @ 135 MPH Ford GT Performance: 10.6 @ 132 MPH

Porsche 918 Spyder 1/4 Mile Drag Racing Testing

April 15th, 2014

The results are in for the first real world 1/4 mile testing of the all new Porsche 918 Spyder.  Powered by a 4.6L V8 engine augmented with twin electric motors for a combined output of 887 horsepower, the 918 Spyder ended up running a 10.00 @ 143 MPH by Road & Track at a drag strip north of Austin, TX. Even with the 125 HP electric motor powering the front wheels you can still hear quite a bit of wheel spin during the launch, with some better track prep or better tires the 918 should dip into the 9’s as the Read More

1000HP Electric Miata Spark Show

April 11th, 2014

Lonestar EV Performance’s latest project out of Houston, TX is an all electric Mazda Miata Drag Car, AKA Assault & Battery, with 1000 HP running in the 8’s at close to 150 MPH. Powered by two Netgain Warp9 2000 AMP, 210 volt electric motors producing around 500HP each, along with instant power and torque, this monster Miata is going 0-60 MPH in just 1.5 seconds while lifting the front wheels off the ground. Even more interesting is the spark show theses motors produce as recorded by a camera that was pointed at one of the motors during the Miata’s burnout and full drag Read More

McLaren MP4-12C vs Lamborghini Aventador Flame Throwing Contest

April 7th, 2014

Take a look at this video of a McLaren MP4-12C and Lamborghini Aventador having it out with a flame throwing contest.   The McLaren equipped with an Akrapovič cat back exhaust takes the win with some monster flames.  While the Aventador only managed some smaller flames it certainly sounded a lot better with it’s 6.5L V12 naturally aspirated 700 HP motor.

Tesla Model S Ethernet Network Explored, Possible Jailbreak in the Future?

April 4th, 2014

While we’re testing the performance capabilities of the Tesla Model S by running it down the 1/4 mile in heads up races such as Tesla vs Corvette Stingray and Tesla vs Viper, others are digging deep into how the Tesla Model S functions internally. Being the technical marvel that the Model S is with it’s 17″ multi-touch display, all digital dashboard, all electric drivetrain, remote control Apps and more,  along with the fact that the car was designed from the ground up with no predecessor, it’s no surprise that internally it’s using the latest technologies to run these systems. Some Read More