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2013 Tesla Model S P85 vs 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z51

Here is another featured race from the StreetCarDrags.com event at Palm Beach International Raceway this past weekend.  We put our 2013 Tesla Model S P85  heads up against the brand new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z51 with the 6 speed automatic transmission.

It’s a rehash of our wildly popular Tesla vs Viper race we did last year where we pit new age American electric against modern American muscle and the results were similar with the Tesla Model S winning one race and the Chevrolet Corvette winning the other.

Tech Specs:

  • 2013 Tesla Model S P85: 415 HP, 4,690 pounds, no transmission
  • 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray: 460HP, 3,450 pounds, 6 speed automatic transmission

Can the Tesla Model S with 45 less horsepower carrying 1,240 more pounds keep up with the Corvette Stingray?    Click play below and find out…




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  • Ah! reaction time when races when cars are close in performance. From an ET stand point the 'vette is quicker, but the point is with all the shit folks talked about Tesla the P85 is an opponent now; and it's a electric car not a hybrid. Thanks Mr. Musk hopefully now they'll realize your serious.

  • Let's see, the corvette can make consistent runs after run all day long, while the Telsa will make how many back to back runs before the batteries run down and performance drops off. In this case the slow and steady corvette turtle will get the distance and performance, while the battery operated hair will lose.

    It was a ridiculous oranges to apples match up anyway. Is the Telsa the best battery operated car....probably for now. The corvette, Ferrari, Viper, Porsche etc combustion engine driven cars, well the debate goes on.

  • I drove my Tesla S 1300 miles from Ohio to the race in one day, recharged at Port Orange, raced Brooks in his S multiple times as well as a 9 .2 second electric street car, got a quick charge back at Port Orange at TGI Fridays, then drove up to Orlando with 120 miles range to spare. The S combined with the Tesla Supercharger is THE game changer. I am coming back as soon as I get the second motor installed. This should leave us with all wheel drive and 900 plus HP. Should be a tick quicker than a Veyron but a tick slower than our electric S10 in the quarter. Thanks Drag Times for a great day of racing!

  • This was A Tesla Model S P85 - the P85+ is 1/2 second faster - ergo - the Vette can only make run after run if the owner can afford the fuel and the cancer causing pathogens produced - perhaps if the AC is on with recirc -

  • The S may benefit from another gear. Notice how the Vette begins to gain at the end. That's because the S' s torque begins to drop after 5 K rpm. A second gear would allow it to regain torque.

  • Both are beautiful and powerful cars. Tesla has excellent acceleration due to electric motors. Range is a bit of a problem as well as recharging. BTW, the electricity most likely comes from coal. I am a C6 Corvette owner and love the ride and looks. Wish I could carry four people. C7 is probably about $60K as run. Tesla probably around $75K. Can't wait to see the next shootout, Tesla versus ZO6.

  • Its actually pretty amazing that the heavy M5 and E63 AMG sedans trap faster than this Corvette. (120mph+). And run 11 second qtr mile times.