2012 Nissan GT-R on the Dyno and at the Drag Strip

March 24th, 2011

We got our hands on a 2012 Nissan GT-R in Deep Pearl Blue to do some real world testing on the dyno and the drag strip. Nissan’s modest refresh of the Nissan GT-R for 2012 includes a power bump from 485HP to 530HP along with updated suspension components, new seats, LED daytime running lights and a host of other interior and exterior improvements. Nissan states that the increase in power comes from tweaking the intake and exhaust along with an increase in boost pressure to 13.5 PSI. The GT-R we tested had two options, floor mats and a back-up camera brining the MSRP to $91,980.

Also included with the 2012 Nissan GT-R is updated launch control system nicknamed around the net as LC4. The launch control system holds the RPM’s at 4,000 and allows for an easy and perfect launch with 0-60 MPH times of just 2.8 seconds as recorded by our VBOX.

We dyno tested the 2012 Nissan GT-R on a Mustang AWD dyno at HP Logic in West Palm Beach, FL where it put down 474 horsepower and 420 ft-lbs of torque to all 4 wheels. HP Logic has dyno tested many 2009-2011 GT-R’s that average around 430 horsepower on the same dyno. The 44 horsepower increase we saw on the dyno from the 2012 over the 2009-2011 cars matches up perfectly the 45 horsepower increase stated by Nissan. If we use a 13% driveline loss from the GT-R’s dual clutch transmission and AWD system, we come up with 545 horsepower and 483 ft-lbs of torque.

Even though the 2012 Nissan GT-R is a portly 3800+ pounds, it’s new found power combined with a super fast shifting dual clutch transmission, all wheel drive and launch control systems allowed us to run a 11.07 @ 124.45 MPH at Palm Beach International Raceway in West Palm Beach, FL, which appears to be the best time recorded for the new GT-R so far. Average times for stock 2009-2011 GT-R’s in our database are around 11.7 @ 120 MPH, so the new GT-R is clearly much quicker and faster.

Temperature at the drag strip was 73 degrees with a Density Altitude (DA) of 1,117 feet. With some better weather the new GT-R should be able to break into the 10’s in stock form.  Browse through the pictures, timeslips, dyno graphs and videos below:

2012 Nissan GT-R Test Results

2012 Nissan GT-R Deep Blue Pearl

2012 Nissan GT-R Dyno

2012 Nissan GT-R Drag Racing Timeslips

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