2010 Chevrolet Corvette to get Launch Control

April 28th, 2009

The following YouTube video shows a GM engineer describing and showing demonstration videos of the upcoming launch control system to debut in the 2010 Corvettes. The launch control system will modulate the engines torque 100 times per second to give the driver the optimal amount of traction on a full throttle start. The new system will be available across the entire Corvette lineup from the base model to the ZR1 as long as it’s equipped with the manual transmission. The presenter takes a couple of obvious jabs at Nissan’s launch control system in the GT-R, stating that you can launch Read More

Nissan GT-R on Nitrous Destroys Engine

April 16th, 2009

Samurai Speed who currently holds the record for the world’s quickest documented Nissan GT-R running 10.47 @ 132.17 MPH recently blew their GT-R’s engine while attempting to break into the 9’s by running a healthy 150HP shot of Nitrous. The fireworks (literally) were all caught on video, after the car launched there was some loud popping followed by flames shooting out of all 4 tail pipes. Video below: UPDATE: After further examination, the engine is fine, the damage was related to the flywheel bell housing.

BMW M5 with 670HP on Nitrous runs 10’s

April 5th, 2009

The BMW M5 is fairly limited with options for adding decent amounts of power to it’s naturally aspirated V10 engine. We’ve heard about some supercharger and turbocharged M5’s running around, but most seem to be “vaporware”, never really hitting the street with real numbers aside from worked up dyno sheets. If you want to make an M5 move, Nitrous seems to be the way to go. AWD Motorsports seems to have the right combination of modifications along with a custom progressive nitrous system to boost it’s BMW M5 to 584 horsepower and 484 foot pounds of torque at the rear Read More