Nissan GT-R R35 Launch Control Video

September 29th, 2008

Here is some video of a 2009 Nissan GT-R performing a very quick 0-60 MPH time of 3.3 seconds using the car’s built-in launch control feature. The video is shot by a passenger inside the car focusing on the speedometer and tachometer for the entire 1/4 mile run, then pans moves over to the multi-function display showing a recorded peak of 1G of acceleration during the run. The GTEC in the car recorded completed runs of 11.52 @ 121.13 MPH with no passenger (83 degrees) and a 11.75 @ 117.65 MPH with a passenger in the car (93 degrees).

Stock Nissan GT-R runs 11.5 @ 121.7 MPH

September 28th, 2008

While Nissan dealers are still demanding large price premiums over MSRP for the new Nissan GT-R, new Nissan GT-R owners are starting to hit the tracks around the US with their GT-R’s potent V6 Twin Turbo and and advanced AWD systems. Here is a timeslip, video and picture of a white Nissan GT-R Drag Racing at New York International Raceway Park. The best time was an impressive 11.52 @ 121.7 MPH using the Launch Control system. The video shows quite a few runs, including one done without using the Launch Control system. Click on the picture below to to view Read More

Ford Mustang does crazy wheelie and barely recovers

September 15th, 2008

Check out this video of a Ford Mustang launching with a huge wheelstand that continues down the track well past the 60′ mark. The car tilts so far back that something in the rear hits the ground causing the car to tilt up even farther and travel down on ONE REAR WHEEL. Amazingly, the car bounces back down without flipping over and lightly rubs against the drag strip’s left wall. The videos shows both and inside and outside view of the run as well as a slow motion replay. Enjoy and be careful out there!

Density Altitude (DA) Calculator

September 5th, 2008

We have launched a new Density Altitude calculator to our tools area, allowing you to easily calculate the DA for your drag racing runs. Density altitude is the altitude at which the density of the International Standard Atmosphere is the same as the density of the air being evaluated. The lower the DA, the better your car will perform, you’ll have quicker ET’s and higher trap speeds. If you’ve ever wondered why cars run so much stronger at Englishtown vs Las Vegas Motor Speedway, DA is the answer. Tracks located near sea level with low temperatures, low humidity and high Read More

2009 Cadillac CTS-V outruns BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG

September 2nd, 2008

The first set of test results are coming for the new 2009 Cadillac CTS-V. This 4 door super sedan borrows a slightly de-tuned LSA (LS9) engine from the upcoming Corvette ZR1 producing 556HP and 551 lb-ft of torque. At a hefty 4200 pounds the new CTS-V still has enough power to out run both BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG both in a straight-line (12.3 @ 117 MPH) and on the road course. The CTS-V is also current Nürburgring record holder for a production 4 door sedan. Normally the CTS-V would be compared against it’s direct rivals, size-wise, the Mercedes Read More