2000HP Mustang Drop-Top

October 27th, 2017

In a sea of hopped-up, high-performance street cars, we spotted this Mustang convertible. You just don’t see that many fast drop-tops so, we decided to take a closer look.

The venue is Street Car Takeover St. Louis and the Class is Small Tire.

This little red Mustang is powered by a 400 cubic-inch small block with an 85-millimeter turbocharger. Power output is estimated at 2,000hp.

Round One brings about a touch of Mustang on Mustang fun. Our feature car cuts the light on the competition and gaps him easily.

Round Two winds up being the semi-final round and a solo pass for our feature car.

Round Three: The Small Tire Final pits the convertible Mustang against a pretty stout silver Camaro. The Camaro breaks coming off the line and the Mustang coasts to the victory.

Check it out – this is a real good one.

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