2000HP Cantu Pickup Dominates Yello Belly Dragstrip

April 28th, 2022

If you’ve never been to Yello Belly Dragstrip, you’re missing the racing experience of a lifetime. With its enclosed two-lane blacktop and covered spectator area, Yello Belly delivers sights and sounds that will linger forever. Adding to the general chaos is legendary starter Limpy on the light, but where else would he be for the Limpy’s Baddest Small Tire in America Race?

Featured in this video is the 2000HP twin turbo Chevy S10 of Jason Cantu. Kyle (from 1320 Video) calls this the fastest truck he’s ever filmed so, you know this S10 will fly. The motor is a 500 cubic-inch big block. A pair of bed-mounted 88-millimeter turbochargers provide the induction. Today, Jason will compete in two classes: Small Tire and Tailgate.

Jason draws an angry, teal-colored Fox Body for the first race. Jason takes the hole shot and totally annihilates the Mustang.

It’s more of the same in the next round as the Cantu machine gaptizes a full-size Chevy mercilessly.

Has anybody got anything for Jason Cantu?

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