200 MPH Vengeance Corvette

March 7th, 2019

Fast Chevrolet Corvette coupes and Vengeance Racing (Cumming, Georgia) seem to go together like peanut butter and strawberry preserves. Every time we see these guys, they have a trailer loaded with a half-dozen (or so) of the most capable LS powered sports cars imaginable.

Today is special for Ron and the crew from Vengeance. They are all set to surprise friend and long-time customer Chuck beyond his wildest dreams. With about 2-years on his Novi 2200 and 7.0-liter LSX setup, Chuck brought his Corvette in needing a refresh on the engine with some more potent upgrades to follow (when the funds were more cooperative). Chuck, being the self-sacrificing sort that he is, had no clue that there was enough time to get his car back on the track – much less turn-up the horsepower in time for WannaGoFast. Ron and the Vengeance crew – knowing what a top-notch guy Chuck is – kicked their efforts into overdrive and started work.

Plans were for a CCW billet crankshaft and a solid roller valvetrain setup; with a larger blower to come later. Ron and the guys decided to sell the take-off parts and go ahead with a bigger F1X Procharger Kit without letting Chuck in on it. The results are spectacular. Chuck went from 1,050whp to 1,468whp. The moment of surprise was great! In his typical humble way, Chuck was thankful beyond words. Don’t worry, Chuck, those few shed tears said it all.

After a Class-leading 189 mph pass, Chuck hits the jackpot with his first 200 mph run. After that, it’s celebration time for the whole bunch. Great job guys!

LME (Late Model Engines) and Pro EFI play an integral role in the winning numbers you see from Vengeance Racing cars.

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