200 MPH on the Street

May 16th, 2017

If I were pressed to describe the footage documented in this video, I would simply call it elite level street racing (on the streets of Mexico). It must be considered so due to the extreme speeds achieved and the degree of modification and power capacity of the vehicles involved.

The Lamborghini Superleggera featured is, after all, equipped with an Underground Racing (UR) Stage 3 Kit. As if that would not suffice, it also has been upgraded with a set of ported and polished race ready cylinder heads. This very bad girl is capable of producing more than 1,300hp to the wheels!

The Baltic Toyota Supra seems no less a formidable foe. It’s packing a big punch with 1,150whp. All of these hoof beats are derived from a Real Street Performance built, 3.0-liter, inline 6-cylinder engine (RS 1600) topped with a Porting Solutions ported and polished cylinder head.
A Precision 8385 turbocharger, a Powerhouse Racing (PHR) S45 billet collector twin scroll turbo manifold, Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) 5-inch intercooler, Titan Motorsports street intake manifold, PHR exhaust down pipe and mid pipe, and an HKS TI exhaust system handle the forced air induction chores.

Fuel is delivered using a pair of PHR fuel pumps and an AEM V2 controller (tuned by Lance).

Helping to transfer all those ponies to the rear wheels is a Toyota A340E gear box (built by ATF Speed) and a TRD limited-slip differential.

This is great street (roll) racing action with multiple hits and some amazing GoPro angles.

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