200 MPH Grocery Getter – Cadillac CTS V Wagon

September 11th, 2020

The venue is the Kansas Airstrip Attack, a half-mile closed course airstrip designed to measure top speed in performance vehicles. Having that said, what is this station wagon doing on the course? Well, it’s not your granny’s station wagon. This bad Caddy is loaded with a big V8 engine and – get this – a manual 6-speed transmission. It also posts a (personal best) top speed of 200.26 MPH! Have a look.

Under the hood is the factory 6.2-liter engine built by Horsepower Solutions of Newport News, Virginia, who also did all the turbo work. The engine bay is sans the factory supercharger. A Holley intake takes its place. The engine has also bees treated to a camshaft upgrade. After struggling to perfect a dual induction strategy, the Cadillac crew opted to delete the blower and go with a rear-mounted turbocharger instead. Forced air induction duties are now handled by a 106-millimeter turbocharger with an air-to-ice-water intercooler setup. Maximum output is estimated to be between 1,750 and 1,800hp. The 6-speed manual transmission is completely stock.

After posting several near 200 mph runs, the Cadzilla wagon finally reaches gearhead nirvana with a magical 200+ mph pass near the end of the event. The sun and moon must be in perfect alignment for a wagon this heavy to blow by 200 mph – optimum weather and track conditions didn’t hurt either.

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