1969 Ford F100 Shortbed – 1000HP Supercharged Monster

May 29th, 2020

Meet Jason Scudellari, owner of this extreme 1969 Ford F100. Jason is a car builder by trade, but he has really outdone himself with this unique project. In fitting fashion, Jason built this truck to suit his own needs. From bumper-to-bumper, every bolt and nut are specially chosen to make this truck go faster and handle better under the most challenging of driving conditions.

Under the hood is a GM LS1 small block V8 engine with forged internals. The engine and cylinder heads are built to accommodate a big blower on high boost. A large ProCharger is responsible for delivering copious amounts of dense air to the engine through a custom intercooler. Holley EFI components deliver fuel and air in metered strokes. Maximum output is estimated at 1,000hp. The manual transmission is a Tremec T56 with a dual-disc clutch.

The frame is aftermarket with numerous custom mods and the engine has been situated more than 10-inches behind the factory firewall. Custom front control arms and 2a1 Mod Series coil over shocks on all four corners help to straighten the curves. Wilwood brakes bring this cowboy Cadillac to a halt and it rides on Falken rubber. Oh, the instrument cluster is amazing!

Jason is happy to walk you through every step of this special build – before you hit the streets. Take a look.

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