1965 Mercury Comet – 10-Second Junkyard Build

December 31st, 2019

It ain’t how you look. It’s what you have under the hood! Well, this 1965 Mercury Comet Coupe is packing a load under there. Nope. She ain’t gonna win any beauty prize. Her sheet metal is far from straight and her paint hasn’t been shiny in many moons. Nevertheless, there’s a certain charm to this old girl.

Could it be the massive chunk of iron under the hood? This is the biggest of the Ford big block engines – a 460 cubic-inch monster. This is the kind of mill that only came in huge station wagons and pickup trucks, but somehow it has found its way under the bonnet of this hot rod Comet. It is mostly stock, but has a turbo camshaft and the cylinder heads have been ported. In addition to the other mods, there is also a junkyard turbocharger from a 14.0-liter Cummins diesel semi-truck engine. If the Holset turbocharger looks like an antique – it is! Everything about this build is done with cost efficiency in mind and the car is running consistent 10-second (quarter-mile) passes.

Nothing fancy here. She sure ain’t going to win a beauty prize. Just going from point A to point B – in 10-seconds – with no fuss. Every time.

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