1800HP Viper ACR – Half-Mile Assassin

June 5th, 2018

The name Calvo Motorsports has become synonymous with record-shattering Dodge Viper coupes that can also be easily driven on the street. We are talking about cars that still have all the luxurious trappings of a luxury sports car and the capacity to turn consistent 200+mph standing half-miles.

This slithering Mopar makes me first think of an assassin because of its ‘murdered-out’ paint scheme. The flat black color seems to belie a predatory stance that is not at all deceiving. You see, this Viper is purpose built to stalk, intimidate, and pick off the competition in the standing half-mile and quarter-mile roll racing.   

With a massive 8.4-liter V10 engine and a pair of turbochargers, this Calvo Motorsports creation is blowing the competition into the ditches. During this WannaGoFast Standing Half-Mile this Dodge put up numerous 210+ mph passes before posting a personal best top speed of 213.47 mph. Now, that’s a great day of racing. Check it out!

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