1600HP Volkswagen VR12

July 27th, 2018

So, whadda’ ya’ get a guy that has two of everything? He already has two engines, two transmissions, two turbochargers, and two electrical systems. Sound like double trouble? Not if you are into tearing up the track in a very unique way.

This VW GTI is skillfully equipped with a pair of VR6 engines (one in the back and another in the front). Each engine has its own GTX35 (67-millimeter) turbocharger and sequential transmission. Either engine can be engaged independent of the other when necessary. A frequent occurrence when the owner/operator is dropping the hammer in an all-out effort to make an 8-second quarter-mile pass. Power on each end is estimated at 750hp (on low boost).

This GTI will make you green with envy when you look inside and see how squared-away the dual controller systems – and the entire cockpit – are.

Today’s activities include a half-mile run, a quarter-mile roll race, and a quarter-mile dig race.  

Can this peculiar little Volkswagen hold up? Have a look and find out.

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