1500HP Procharged Duster

August 25th, 2017

It’s impossible to catch a ghost. Scientist and paranormal experts have tried for years to capture any form of ghost but – up until now – no ghost!

This aptly named (The Ghost) 1972 Plymouth Duster also proved very elusive at the NEAD No Prep Throwdown in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

With a 572 cubic-inch HEMI engine and an F2 Procharger, it might do you well to be scared of this Ghost. Despite making approximately 1,500hp (on 21-pounds of boost), the Ghost is still riding on stock suspension (front and rear). A TorqueFlite 727 transmission transfers all that power to the rear wheels.

Campaigning in the Small Tire Class, the Ghost rolls to the line against a bad looking Chevelle SS in round one. The Chevy knocks the tires off at the 60-foot mark and the Ghost walks him through the trap.

Round two finds the Ghost lining up against a Chevy S10 pickup truck. I ain’t gonna lie; this one is a gap-fest with the Ghost running away.

Next up are the finals with the Ghost squaring off against a nitrous injected Chevrolet Nova. This is a GREAT race!

As usual, the Ghost comes out of the hole straight and clean. The Nova, on the other hand, has a problem keeping the front wheels on the ground. In the end, the race is decided by only the width of a bumper. You’ll have to watch the video to find out which bumper got across the line first.

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