1500HP 2JZ Corolla – GT-R Killer

April 7th, 2017

How bad has this got to suck?

First, you pay over $100k for a high-performance Nissan GT-R, dump a bunch more cash in it to make it even faster, then carry it out to the drag strip.

All sounds great so far, huh?

So, you’re having a pretty good day, then you line up against an eighties Toyota Corolla Hatch.

I mean the ‘Yota looks alright with its backyard graphics and big tires but you got this from start to finish, right?

Wrong! The Toyota takes the hole shot from you and gaps your behind by several lengths!

Ouch! What happened?

Could be that you have run up against the 2JZ Corolla. It is packing some heat with a (2JZ) 3.0-liter engine and a massive turbocharger protruding through the hood.

Maybe if you had seen that giant turbo or those riveted Lexan windows, the shock would have been easier to bear.

It’ll be alright; chalk it up to experience, keep honing your craft and you’ll get them next time.

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