1320 Roll Race Invitational

November 9th, 2023

Held at the Raceway Park in the Midlands, the 1320 Roll Race Invitational featured outstanding street machines from throughout the Midwest. A 1,000-foot course – and 1,200-foot braking area – limited the capabilities of the vehicles on hand. Competitors were relegated to vehicles with 700 to 1,200hp. Giddy up!

The first race of the video involves a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe with a manual transmission. With the capacity to lay down 700whp, the Caddy has been upgraded with a stroker motor and full bolt-ons. It has also been tuned to burn E85 fuel. The manual gearbox is stock with a triple-disc clutch. He will be going against a turbocharged Lexus SC300 that is also running a manual transmission. With a stock engine and 6766 turbo, he’s claiming 750whp. The truth will come out when the rubber meets the road.

These two cars proceed to the starting line with the Cadillac sounding low and mean. Suddenly, the CTS-V lurches ahead under full acceleration and seems to have the upper hand. Not so fast! The Lexus turbo spools up and drives around the sweet-sounding Caddy for the win in a closely contested race.

A 991hp Corvette ZR1 will do battle with a 750hp Chevy SS Sedan in the next race. The Chevy SS accelerates forward like a brute while the Corvette is doing some sketchy maneuvers. Obviously, SS for the win.

The third race pits a monstrous C7 Corvette (built by Vengeance Racing) against a Jeep Trackhawk with a ported blower and all the traction. Each of these cars are claiming 900hp.

Regardless of the outcome of this race, what you have here is some of the best closed-course roll racing ever filmed. Enjoy.

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