1300HP Aussie UTE Sleeper 

November 11th, 2017

This Aussie UTE (Australian for Sport Utility Vehicle) is perfect for building a sleeper. It is compact and lightweight and it even has a place to haul your cargo.

In keeping with the sleeper scenario, this pair of fun-loving Australian race fans crammed a 400-cubic inch LS engine between the fender wells of this right-hand-drive UTE before shipping it over here to compete in Hot Rod Drag Week 2017.

As if the motor swap wasn’t dramatic enough, there’s also a pair of 69-millimeter turbochargers in the bed. The vehicle is a 1997 Ford Falcon XH, which weighs in at about 3,700-pounds, and power is estimated at 1,300hp. It has turned a best quarter-mile elapsed time of 8,8-seconds. This thing is a beast.

Australian laws do not allow for radically modified vehicles like this. Therefore, the turbo system must remain undercover. It makes for a serious street sleeper that kills at the drag strip.

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