1200HP R34 Skyline GT-R

September 10th, 2016

1200hp-r35-skyline-gt-rI think I’ll call this color Emerald Chrome. It’s absolutely stunning on this radically modified Nissan R35 Skyline GT-R, but never mind the aesthetics; this coupe is built to tame the track. When the team at Motive DVD (from the United Kingdom, I presume) was asked to build this monster, they set out with a purpose; to dominate the street car class at Powercruise events around the globe.

While Motive stopped short of revealing all their design secrets, they did cover the basics and treat us to a grand video ride-along. To make this car competitive and unique, these Brits pulled out the RB26 (inline 6-cylinder) engine and outfitted the car with a late model VR38 (V6) engine. The VR engine is capable of turning the twin turbos more efficiently. Speaking of turbos; this dazzling sapphire is equipped with a pair of Garrett GTX35 turbochargers, Tial wastegates, and some significant intercooler upgrades. The total package is good for around 1,200whp and has a one-of-a-kind exhaust note. The sequential gearbox is one of the car’s highlights. It offers the driver lightning fast shifts with a very short throw. The car is all-wheel drive and endowed with time attack suspension and brakes, so it doesn’t just go fast in a straight line. It’s pretty impressive, take a look for yourself.

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