12-Car Street Racing Battle – Twin Turbo S10 Pickup

May 12th, 2020

Get a load of this 1300hp twin turbocharged (LS) Chevy S10 Pickup. No, it ain’t pretty but it’s real fast. Tonight, he’s to find himself locked in a battle with eleven other street mercenaries out to win all the money and a huge slice of the glory. Let’s take a look.

You know the rules: Don’t cut the light early, don’t cross the center line and be the first one to the finish line. Keep doing that and you can make it to the finals – heck, you might even win the cash. It’s single elimination so, if you lose you go back on the trailer.

First up is the Dirty-Thirty against a Chevy Malibu with a big block and nitrous. The Malibu was looking sharp, but DT jumped on him early and took it to the house FTW.

Race number two was between a Fox Body Mustang and a Gen II Camaro. Both cars came out of the hole violently, but the Camaro seemed to step off the pavement slightly. The slight loss in traction gave the Mustang the edge and he never looked back.

After a solo pass by a white S10 Blazer, a Blazer of a darker shade gets beaten by another Fox Body. After that, the Twin Turbo S10 takes on a souped-up Pontiac. The Trans Am is quick but he jumps the light for the DQ. TT S10 moves on to the next round.

Tons more great drag racing action (from Mexico) on this clip.

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