1100HP EVO IX vs. Yamaha R1M – Street Hits

April 5th, 2019

This video attempts to answer the scientific question, “which is faster – the car or the bike?” The experiment will be undertaken south of the border, in a controlled environment. The subjects have been expertly and dramatically modified for performance and speed.

Subject A is a 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution (IX). Yes, a sedan. It has been enhanced by Machines Gone Wild using a Mivec 4G63 2.2-liter stroker motor with a GSC crankshaft. On top is a built and ported cylinder head with Kelford 288 camshafts. A dual-injector, AMS intake manifold bridges the gap between a FP (Forced Performance) Super 99 Turbo (60psi). Eight 1700cc fuel injectors deliver the go-go juice to the tune of an AEM Infinity controller tuned by Lance at Toyomoto. Shifting duties are left to a sequentially shifted transmission with an Exedy triple disc clutch. The car is factory complete (inside and out) and running a set of Nitto NT555R skins. I’d say it’s fast with the capacity to produce 1,100hp.

Subject B is a two-wheeler. The motorcycle is no slug. It is a Yamaha R1C (limited edition) with 1,000cc. It has a high-performance air filter, an Akrapovic titanium exhaust, a high-performance tune, built cylinder head, and a specialized cylinder head gasket (increased compression). The suspension is factory (made by Ohlins) fully-adjustable (manual/electronic) and it has an awesome set of ROTOBOX carbon fiber wheels. This bike sounds amazing!

Time to add asphalt to this experiment. Who will win this one? Will it even be close? Have a look.

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