1050HP Corvette Z06 vs. Nissan GT-R, Mustang GT500 and Dodge Viper

May 29th, 2023

Oh, snap! It’s about to go down on the streets of Texas (Mexico), tonight. A gaggle of 1000+hp Corvettes have been spotted on the interstate – and they are looking to hunt. These modified Chevy street warriors are searching out imports – as well as Fords and Mopars – in an all-out quest to claim the manufacturer’s crown of roll racing. It’s gonna be a hot-time in the old town tonight.

First up, we have a high-revving contest between a pair of ‘Vettes. On the left is a 1050hp Corvette Z06. Mods include a built engine and an F1A-94 ProCharger. The transmission and rear end are stock. He’s going against a 1000hp Corvette GS (unknown mods). Both these cars sound amazing and this is a great race. Blue Z06 FTW.

The blue Corvette takes on a twin turbo Nissan 240 SX in the next race. The Nissan has been LS swapped. Both cars explode off the jump and remain deadlocked for an extended period. The Corvette finally pulls away for the victory. This blue Z06 means business.

A Ford Mustang with a twin turbocharged V8 rolls out to get a piece of the blue Corvette, next. Big mistake for the Ford. This Corvette ain’t playing as he walks away from the Mustang and its twin turbo setup.

A turbo Ford F-150 is also treated to a full dose of taillights in the next contest as the blue Z06 gaptizes him. File that one under “what was he thinking?”.

Loads more street (roll) racing right here. Enjoy.

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