1000HP Turbo 2JZ Toyota Pickup – Ride Along Street Hits

January 12th, 2019

After picking-up this 1993 Toyota pickup for only $800, Ralphy set out to use his knowledge and experience to build a fun vehicle that was both a good daily driver and a beast on the street and strip.

Today, we get a chance to crawl into the passenger seat and ride-along as Ralphy shows-off the fruit of his labors and tells us a little about the journey – up until now.

First of all; this rough looking little pickup is powered by a 2JZ inline 6-cylinder engine (Diamond pistons with powder forged connecting rods) with a Precision 7675 turbocharger. All those ponies are kept running in the same direction using a MegaSquirt MS3X engine controller with a custom fab wiring harness. It is running E85 fuel and has Mickey Thompson rubber wrapped around Weld Racing wheels on the rear (17-inch skinnies on the front). Output is estimated to be 1,000hp.

Climb in, buckle-up, and get ready for a ride that will set you back in the seat and get your blood pumping just a little bit faster. Enjoy!

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