1000HP Forza Trackhawk vs 1000HP Brand-X Trackhawk – Street Hits

February 27th, 2020

Join along as Brenton Brown, founder and president of Forza Tuning and Performance takes us on a journey through their various stages of Jeep Trackhawk modification. At the end of his presentation, we get to see them take to the streets (of Mexico) for an actual dual with Brand-X Jeep Trackhawk – on the streets! Buckle up and hold on for this one.

The factory Jeep Trackhawk starts off a lot like the Hellcat. It ain’t no badas*s, but them that are clear out of his way. With race gas, 840hp can be realized – in a street SUV with all-wheel drive. Now, let Brenton start beating and banging around under there and you can reach as high as 890hp, 1000hp, even 1200hp or 1400hp from an all-wheel drive Jeep Trackhawk with a 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi engine.

There is a world of skill and expertise associated with all that additional horsepower, and just having it does not mean that you can get it to the tar mac. Brenton’s years of experience and his skilled staff lend a huge advantage to your Jeep Trackhawk when it comes down to raceday.

Of course, there are dozens of underhood combinations that’ll leave your head and your tires spinning. Take advantage of Brenton Brown and his factory trained team of performance gurus to get your horsepower situated with your traction for a proper racing experience. Forza has so many different ways to do your Jeep Trackhawk supercharger, exhaust, differential and transmission modifications; that you are bound to like one of them.

Now, let’s go racing!

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