10-Second Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – Track Digs

August 23rd, 2019

Nothing complicated about building a 10-second car. Not according to these guys, anyway. No turbochargers, no superchargers, not even any nitrous; just good, old-fashioned, bottom-end grunt and a great deal of consistency.

Can you say truck motor? How about 5.3-liters of naturally aspirated V8 LS1? This stunner has stock cylinder heads, an Ed Curtis camshaft, a Fast 92/92 (Texas Speed) intake manifold/throttle body combo and it’s tuned by Nishan (New Jersey). The transmission is a 4L60E automatic (Yank SS4000 torque converter) and the rear end is a stock 10-bolt with a 3.42:1 final drive gear ratio.

Right off the trailer, this Z28 is running high 10-second elapsed times. The more the car runs, the faster it seems to go. Reckon what would’ve happened if they’d kept racing?

Finally, after posting a string of 10.9-second passes, the guys post a run of 10.84-seconds @ 124 mph. That’s good enough for a personal best. Good night of racing!

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