10-Second Acura NSX – Track Dig and Roll

August 15th, 2019

So, many among us are guilty of overlooking (underestimating) the Acura NSX. I know that I am one such individual. In an effort to say oops to the vaunted Japanese car giant (Honda), this post will focus on a 2017 Acura NSX which has undergone only tuning mods. Can the little mid-engine (hybrid) roadster stand up to the track test? Today, it’s drag racing and roll racing. Let’s have a look.

In the first pass of the video, this Mustang sounds exactly like a power saw. I don’t know what one must do to make his car sound like a hand tool, but please don’t do it. I suspect that a V6 is at the root of the sour note. At any rate, the two cars square off and – as the Mustang runs into a knotty spot – the NSX posts a 10.92-second pass @ 128.24 mph. Not bad for bone stock (mechanically).

In the next pass, the Acura comes out of the hole even stronger and puts up a 10.86-second pass @ 128.77 mph. From there, it’s all Index Racing in the 11-second bracket until the King of the Bakery.

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