007 Drag Car – Aston Martin

August 30th, 2019

This stunning purple thing is akin to the famous spy car driven by super-spy, James Bond (007). The (royal) purple hue is fitting for such a luxurious brand. It’s a wrap – by the way. Aston Martin manufactured the body, as a drag racing application, and it is all aluminum. As far as anyone knows, the car is one-of-a-kind, registered street legal and capable of 7-second quarter-mile passes.

Making this British beauty get up and go is a 568 cubic-inch New Century Performance cast aluminum engine block (Chevrolet big block platform) topped with a set of spread bore cylinder heads from (Larry Olsen) E.P.D. Racing Heads. The turbochargers are Precision and the controller is a Fuel Tech 600.

The current owner admired this car from afar for quite some time. He finally obtained it only a short time ago and he is working the bugs out of the new build. He made great progress in this clip, going from over 8-seconds all the way down to a 7.5-second pass at 188 mph.

I can’t wait to see where these guys are headed in stodgy old England. Seems as though they have a license to kill (thinly veiled James Bond reference) so, who knows how soon we’ll see a 6-second pass.

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