Yugo GV Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Strumica Drag Race 09.02.2014...Honda Civic vs Yugo Koral

Yugo Cabrio Turbo vs. Corvette C05 Drag Race EESLC
2008.07.20. Hungary, Szentkiralyszabadja EESLC Drag Race.

MotorWeek | Retro Review: '87 Yugo GV and '87 Hyundai Excel

Strumica Drag Race 05.01.2014...Yugo vs Golf II

beautiful YUGO GV 1987. walkaround video. restored car
1.1 liter motor. wow big horsepower!! for sale near sacramento california. runs and drives great.

Yugo Turbo - test drive - Osijek nr.7
Osijek street show nr.7 - Test vožnja Yugo Turbo - engine Opel C20 let - cca 400hp - Croatia....driver Ante Buličić - best time ever 11.80- sec on 1/4 mile -

1988 Yugo GV With Oldsmobile V-8 Conversion
This Yugo called our name when we saw it on Craigslist. We just had to go drive it. It was terrifying...but still awesome. You can read our Driven article on this ...

Yugo GV 1.9 racing
Tirando shit en el Yugo GV en Mc Donald's z. 11, Capital Guatemala. All Rights Reserved.

Yugo GV 1.9 '87 still racing.
Yugo aún hechando verga en el 2011. Próximamente continuación en el 2012 con nueva caja de velocidades. (6 speed)

Ford Fiesta RS Turbo 500 HP Vs. Yugo Turbo Drag Race
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yugo cabrio turbo vs corvette drag race onboard
my yugo cabrio turbo (oboard)vs corvette drag race.

Top Speed Run | Edmunds.com Yugo Road Trip
What's the top speed of a 1989 Yugo? It's time to find out. We're driving the Edmunds long-term 1989 Yugo GVL through the middle of nowhere, Nevada. There's ...