Yamaha V-Star Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

V Star 1300 Drag Race 072
V-Star 1300 - 13.279 @ 97.23 r/t .690 vs. Kawasaki Ninja 1000 - 10something.

vstar drag race
runing vstar still tuning!

[Докатились] Обзор Yamaha V-star / Drag Star 1100. Знатный утюг.
Наша группа Вконтакте https://vk.com/stopdeadbody Я вконтакте https://vk.com/kusochek_vselennoi Оператор Александр Казаков https://vk.com/id722691.

V Star 1300 Drag Race 071
V Star 1300 13.56 @ 95.96mph r/t .039 vs. 500cc Buell.

Мотоцикл Yamaha Drag Star 1100 Classic / V-Star 1100 - #ОБЗОР
Наконец-то сняли мотоцикл, который многие подписчики просили и ждали. Обзор мотоцикла Yamaha Drag Star 1100 / V-Star...

V Star 1300 Drag Race 061
TL - V-Star 1300 - 12.877 @ 98.02 r/t .734 vs. Bassman - V-Star 1300 - 14.336 @ 93.85 r/t .824.

2008 Yamaha VStar Classic stock exhaust to Jardine Rumblers Drag Pipe Slip-On.mpg
03-30-11 Changing over from the stock exhaust to a set of Jardine Rumblers Drag Pipe Slip-Ons. Hoping to get a little more horse power. on my 2008 Yamaha ...

Yamaha Bolt vs Harley Sportster 883 Drag Race
Kyle Bradshaw of http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/ and Chucky of http://www.lachoppers.com/ put the new Yamaha Bolt 950 up against and American legend, ...

Yamaha DragStar 650 / VStar 650 - The "Racing Bitch" / Day Ride
Custom Yamaha DragStar 650 / VStar 650 - Day Ride The "Racing Bitch" São Paulo, Brazil.

RAIDER METHANOL vs SNIPER UNLEADED drag racing suzuki yamaha
Drag race of Suzuki Raider Belang FU 150 with Methanol race fuel versus Yamaha Sniper LC135 fueled with Standard Petron Unleaded Gasoline. Suzuki ...

2 stroke dragrace kawasaki leostar vs yamaha rxt
like, comment, subscribe visit my 2nd channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXu2btiMGtnYGoQrEz_RLRA visit us on blogger- ...

Installing Jardine Rumblers Drag Slip-On Pipes on a 2008 Yamaha VStar 1100.mpg
03-30-11 Installed a set of slip-on mufflers on the motorcycle today. Step one of two in getting a little more Horse Power. I drilled the baffel rivets while the pipes ...